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It’s time your financial plan aligns with the parts of your life that matter most.

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Life Beyond The Numbers

Life and wealth are always connected. So why should financial planning only focus on the numbers? We help families find not only financial independence, but real happiness along the way.

Are You Aligning Life & Wealth®? Discover Your Alignment Score.

Conway Integrated Wealth Solution Process

Our proprietary process guides families to the financial strength and confidence they've worked so hard to achieve.

The Appraisal Orientation

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The Discovery Workshop

Collect all financial, legal, benefits and insurance information

The Design

Team analysis and review of strategic plan development

The Integrated Wealth Analysis

Explanation and rationale of strategic plan details


Strategic plan moves into action

Integrated Wealth Review Sessions

Ongoing review of plan and monitoring of changes

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Conway's Connections

Learn how Diverse Perspectives Consulting founder and Aligning Life & Wealth Award® winner aligns her life and wealth by helping people and organizations more effectively communicate and understand differences.
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Integrated Approach

Integrated Approach

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