Our Philosophy: Aligning Life & Wealth®

The Alignment Index

Planning should be about more than investment returns. Along with coordinated planning and investment management, we steer clients toward Aligning Life & Wealth® . Through our Alignment Index, we quantify not just investment gains, but gains in the categories of life that actually create lasting happiness and a Life Beyond The Numbers.

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Beyond the Love of Family

Service Experience

We hold ourselves to the highest quality service standards. We aim to ensure we meet your personal and financial goals with ongoing communications, meetings, and education.

Your client experience would include:

  • Monthly Economic Email Updates
  • Quarterly Economic Newsletters
  • Client Review Sessions
  • Courtesy Calls
  • Monthly Investment Reports
  • Quarterly Investment Reports
  • eMoney Website
  • Client Events
  • Timely White Papers
  • Annual Survey
  • Video Webinars
  • Professional Support

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Conway's Connections

Learn how Diverse Perspectives Consulting founder and Aligning Life & Wealth Award® winner aligns her life and wealth by helping people and organizations more effectively communicate and understand differences.
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Message From Michael Conway

Message From Michael Conway

I reflect fondly on the idyllic years of my childhood and family life. I think much of that comes from the dedication of my father to love and care for his children, especially when our family faced more difficult moments. He was also dedicated to his work as a dentist and to provide for his family. He operated as a one-man practice, playing the roles of receptionist, hygienist, and bookkeeper. But the fear of the unknown prevented him from getting the help he really needed.

My father’s commitment to his family and profession sheltered us from the realities of his financial insecurity. But as in many families, moments of unease would sometimes disrupt that childhood sense of comfort. I have memories of watching him wait for patients’ checks to arrive to the house so that he could pay our bills. I particularly remember having to come home five days early from a family camping trip because we ran out of spending money. While my father protected and provided for us, those small moments of unexpected pressure filled me with angst, worrying about the depth of his burden and what it could mean for our family.

I never had a grandiose plan to work in financial planning as a result of those childhood experiences. But I soon realized that this career allowed me to alleviate the unease I experienced as a kid. I could give the help and guidance that people like my father never sought. My goal became to ensure that every family I worked with would never face that insecurity. My dad never had anyone to help to align his life and wealth or achieve the comfort that I’m now dedicated to achieving for my clients.

He deserved that. We all do. For ourselves and for our families. And we don’t need to do it alone.


Why Conway Wealth Group?

  • The Love of Family
    We plan for the long-term financial well being of families. We act as a personal CFO, creating a strategic blueprint that aligns your wealth with your family’s dreams, aspirations, and financial goals. We understand both the technical and emotional magnitude of managing the financial security of your family.
  • Maximize Your Legacy & Impact
    Our clients include successful entrepreneurs, executives, professional athletes, and others—all with significant wealth tied to their businesses or employers. All of them share a deep desire to protect their futures. Our goal is to enhance your financial future so that your life’s work remains meaningful.