Our Continual Service Amid COVID-19

Dear Clients,

In an effort to protect our staff, our clients, and uphold our responsibility to the community, we have officially made the decision to temporarily conduct our business remotely. Over the last several days, we have activated our full continuity plan to ensure that while we work remotely, we can continue our daily responsibilities. 

Things to Note:

  • We will hold all scheduled meetings and continue to conduct business as usual.
  • Any reviews currently scheduled as in-person meetings will be moved to conference calls. 
  • We will continue to schedule subsequent reviews on a regular basis.
  • All of our systems for our daily operations are designed for remote work which means we will be fully functional at all times.
  • When calling us, please continue to call our main number: 973-285-3640.
  • We have arranged to have the calls transferred directly to a member of our team who can provide assistance and redirect the calls as needed.
  • All requested trades and wire transfers will continue to be processed as received and in a timely fashion.

While current headlines are certainly unsettling, we’re confident that proper measures will keep us safe and enable us to continue our service amid these unprecedented circumstances.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Most importantly, take care of yourselves and your families as we all adapt to this temporary new normal.

Thank you,

Conway Wealth Group