Monthly Economic Update October 2016

Monthly Summary
October returns were a downer for a year otherwise proving quite favorable for investors. The key drivers behind losses in nearly every major asset class came in three flavors: growth, monetary policy, and politics.

Years of consistent, albeit tepid, economic growth have started to bring inflation back to life. Far from hyperinflation, or even central bank targets, just the hint of rising inflation caused investors to reassess asset valuations. Interest rate sensitive assets, such as real estate, were hammered. Developed market stocks declined worldwide, and it was the worst month for global bonds in six years.

Monetary policy was a headwind as well. Favorable U.S. growth and rising inflation expectations have increased the probability of the Federal Reserve raising rates by year-end. Higher interest rates are less supportive to investment valuations. As for international central banks, the limitations and risks of their policies are becoming more apparent. They are also increasingly willing to allow their economies to temporarily run “hot.” Policy limitations and the potential for higher inflation acted as a one-two punch on investors and their portfolios.

Lastly, investors were unsettled by new developments in the U.S. presidential race. The resulting shift in election dynamics, days before the election, was not well received by investment markets. Volatility rose and asset prices declined.

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