Monthly Economic Update January 2017: Stay Balanced, Stay Diversified

Monthly Summary

U.S. gross domestic product grew at an annualized rate of 1.9% in the final quarter of 2016. Full year growth of 1.6% was below the average pace of 2.1% achieved during the current expansion. Key positives were household spending on durable goods, business investment, and a 10.2% annualized gain in residential housing. A sizable inventory gain, suggestive of a positive business outlook, helped as well. On the flipside, net exports were a material headwind as exports contracted and imports grew. The negative trade balance was accentuated by dollar strength, comparatively strong domestic economic growth, and a reversal of one-time trade positives in Q3.

Investment markets were well behaved in January, with all major asset classes capturing positive returns. That said, as a testament to remaining globally balanced and well-diversified, leaders and laggards completely reversed compared to the final quarter of 2016. In particular, growth stocks outperformed value, large companies bested small, and international investments outshone domestic counterparts. Of note, these reversals are the exact opposite of what conventional wisdom would suggest for a Trump administration. Therein lies a valuable lesson for those attempting to handicap, and bet on, post-election winners and losers. Markets overshoot, underestimate, misjudge, and often completely miss both the timing and magnitude of what may or may not come to fruition. In short, directional bets based on the foggy intersection of politics and economics can be hazardous to one’s wealth. Stay globally balanced. Stay diversified.

Economic Data

Market Returns

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