An Interview With Casey Neistat: Money Isn’t The Endgame

In our Conway’s Connections interview, we ask YouTube content creator Casey Neistat about the role money plays in his life.


I think in almost anything in life … Money is an enabler. It enables you to do things. The first movie I ever made with my brother Dan that took off was called Science Experiments, and it was called Science Experiments because we shot it in the bedroom of the apartment that I shared with three girls in the lower east side. We show it on the kitchen table up against the wall. It was a table against the wall. The reason why we did it is because we couldn’t afford actors or sets. We couldn’t afford to be outside. This was for tapes to shoot a lot of tape, so we had this old. Mr. Wizard’s World book and we went through and found experiments.

We’re like, cool, if you sand down the edges of a mothball and put it in a cup of vinegar, it collects bubbles at the bottom, rises to the top. The bubbles pop and it drops. Put 10 of them in there, it looks like they’re dancing. That’s a cool video. We made this video series and the all-in budget was $30, and that catapulted us in the art world, that one little movie, so I think that not having the means is what yielded that, and then once you remove the constraints of not having resources, I think the opportunities become limitless and that’s certainly how I feel right now.