An Interview With Casey Neistat: Lifelong Learning

In our Conway’s Connections interview, we ask YouTube content creator Casey Neistat about how he’s learned to recognize the viewpoints of his peers.


I don’t know that I accept viewpoints that I don’t agree with, but I think a very valuable life lesson is it’s taken me a long time to be mature enough to really accept this, is that you have to accept them. You have to be willing to listen to them no matter how extreme they are, because one exercise in futility is the idea that you have the power to change people. I think change is something that is slow, it is a process and the more I sort of open my mind to be willing to respect other people’s perspectives, no matter how far off or ridiculous or stupid I think they are, if I dismiss that person because I disagree with their perspectives, I’m limiting myself. It’s a very selfish perspective, but with that it’s nothing but a broad, open mind.

If you say something I totally disagree with, I’ll chose to disagree with that. But I’ll still respect you as a person, and I would say that’s not true of a younger version of myself, and I think that was a real limiter in life, so I think it’s about acceptance and tolerance more than it is about greed.