An Interview With Casey Neistat: Following Passion

In our Conway’s Connections interview, we ask YouTube content creator Casey Neistat about his perspective on following passion.


The most successful human being I’ve ever met in my entire life was my grandmother. She started tap dancing when she was six years old. She fell in love with it, and she taught her tap school on a Friday when she was 91, and she died on Monday. The idea of retirement to her was the scariest thing ever. The only time I ever saw her scared was when she got in a car accident in the early 80s, when she thought she might not be able to teach anymore.

That was it, there was nothing scarier to this woman than the idea of having to stop work. That’s why I consider her the most successful person I’ve ever met is because she found a passion that was so real, so palpable, and such an intricate part of her personality and who she was, that the idea of not doing it was synonymous with the end of the world. I only hope to be able to harness my passion. I think that the idea, the very new collar definition of retirement [inaudible 00:01:23]. I think that work for a lot of people, for most people, is absolutely a very necessary means to an end.

The idea of being able to live a life where that means is no longer necessary is something that’s desirable, and I do respect that, but I think that that is the [inaudible 00:01:41]. Nana over here and someone who works in a job that they don’t have any passion behind but absolutely affords them their lifestyle, and they’re looking forward to their life after. I’m trying to get to this side of the spectrum, and that’s what I want to do.