An Interview With Casey Neistat: Breaking Free Of Fear

In our Conway’s Connections interview, YouTube content creator Casey Neistat explains how his financial stresses early in life served as a motivator to pursue his passion.


I think there’s something really romantic about having nothing. I make a great living now and it’s much harder raising our daughter with resources than it was raising my son when I had nothing; because right now, there’s so many options, and back then there was nothing.

I think the idea that I saw it as a burden wasn’t real. The burden was never apparent for me, it was always like, “This is the reason why, it was my motive.”

If I had to draw a sort of parallel I think a similar question I get asked is, “How were you able to pursue your passions in life when you had a baby at age 17.” I said, “I can only pursue my passions in life because I had a baby at age 17.” I had this impetus, this reason; so when I had nothing, the reason was just stronger. I think it’s having means that breeds complacency, not the struggle.