Financial Planning for Aligning Life & Wealth® – Michael Conway Story

Learn why Michael Conway and the entire Conway Wealth Group strive to guide families toward Aligning Life & Wealth.


Michael Conway: Life and wealth are always connected and for many of us family’s the most important aspect of our lives. It’s why we all work so hard to provide for and protect each other. We all want to make sure our children have great opportunities, live fulfilling lives, and carry our values. We even fear that we may in some way fall short. I often think about my own childhood and family life. I think about the dedication of my father to love and to care for his children. He was a dentist who was devoted to his work and his patients as he provided for his family. But, the cost to run his practice and the fear of the unknown prevented him from getting the help that he really needed. His commitment to his family sheltered us from the realities of his financial insecurity. But as with many families, moments of unease would sometimes creep into that childhood sense of comfort. I have memories of watching him wait for patient’s checks to arrive so he could pay our bills. I even remember coming home several days early from a camping trip because we didn’t have additional spending money.

I never had a grandiose plan to work in financial planning as a result of those childhood experiences, but when I entered the workforce, I quickly realized that this career allowed me to alleviate the unease I experienced as a kid. It meant that I could provide help and guidance to someone like my father. My goal became ensuring every family I worked with would never face that insecurity.

At Conway Wealth Group, we’re passionate about guiding families through all the financial decisions of life and to protect them from the fear and anxiety of uncertainty. The love of family is often the guiding principle for our clients. That value inspires our business with belief in aligning life and wealth.

My dad never had anyone help align his life and wealth or achieve the comfort that I’m now dedicated to achieving for my clients. He deserved that. We all do. For ourselves and for our families and we don’t need to do it alone.