Conway Wealth Presents Global Guardian: A Comprehensive National Security Briefing

Conway Wealth Group presented a special event in our Aligning Life & Wealth webinar series with Life & Wealth Network member and industry leader in comprehensive global security, Global Guardian.

On Tuesday, November 24th we heard directly from Global Guardian’s CEO and 24-year US Army Veteran, Colonel, Dale Buckner, for a discussion on national and global security and the security threats their team is seeing on the front lines.

While COVID-19 continues to dominate headlines, Global Guardian took a deeper dive into the following topics outside the lens of the pandemic followed by an audience Q&A:

• National and Global Security Threats and Solutions
• The Year in Review
• Family and Travel Safety
• Civil Unrest
• Children at College
• Vulnerabilities in our Online Profile
• What to Expect in 2021

We hope you enjoy the content from our productive discussion.