Casey Neistat: 2016 Aligning Life & Wealth Award Winner

In one of Casey’s movies, he says that the last decade has been like days when you’re in a rush to get somewhere and you catch every green light. To us, that is the reward of leading life by design. We think he embodies that ideal by maintaining balance in his personal life while monetizing passion, something that’s incredibly rare and difficult to achieve. With that in mind, we presented Casey with the Conway Wealth Group Aligning Life & Wealth® Award.


Speaker 1: We would like to present you with a Conway Wealth Group Aligning Life & Wealth Award.

Casey Neistat: Aw, thanks guys.

Speaker 3: Look at this.

Casey Neistat: Look at this.

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Casey Neistat: I didn’t know that I was gonna be getting this. Thank you, gentlemen.

Speaker 1: Thank you.

Casey Neistat: This is good, this is great, this is really great.

Speaker 3: Appreciate it.