Announcing the Launch of Seeds

We know that when it comes to long-term well-being, the things beyond the dollars and cents are really most meaningful. That’s why we’re always focused on understanding our clients more deeply than what’s written on a balance sheet. For anyone, things like personal beliefs, ideals, and values shape the way we think about educating our children, creating legacies through giving, and even choosing fulfilling careers that create our wealth in the first place.

And yet, when it comes to investing that wealth, tradition has dictated that investors can’t—or at least shouldn’t—let personal beliefs, ideals, and values help to shape an investment portfolio. While every other financial decision we make reflects our non-financial sentiments, investors—so said the conventional wisdom—should forsake those feelings for the sake of portfolio gains.

A few years back, we started to see that misalignment as a missed opportunity. The financial services industry in general seemed to continue to overlook investors simply wanting to better balance wealth creation with purpose; people just trying to ensure that dollars they responsibly earned didn’t then unintentionally empower companies to hurt the planet, employees, or consumers.

Still, the idea that investing could or should serve a dual purpose felt a bit like a fairy tale. Indeed, conventional wisdom suggested “doing good” was not only irrelevant but inherently damaging to portfolio returns. So, we looked at the data, and we came to learn that performing well and “doing good” were not only not in conflict but in natural alignment. It seems obvious in hindsight: Of course corporate malfeasance isn’t the best indicator of long-term corporate viability. And, inversely, of course following environmental regulations, treating employees fairly, and selling safe products generally meant better outcomes for stock prices.

With this new understanding, we then recognized another problem: A lot of so-called “sustainable” investment products felt like “one size fits all” approaches, as if people thinking about doing right by the world would all agree on the same way to do so. We stumbled in trying to get to the heart of how each investor might prioritize these issues, and we couldn’t find products that truly matched what we heard.

So, we decided to build a solution. In August of this year, separate from serving in our capacity as advisors, we formerly launched a standalone platform called Seeds, which allows us to assess investments based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, to better understand how investors prioritize such factors, and to personalize investment portfolios to those needs—all while still aligning with long-term financial goals. Now as users of Seeds in our capacity as advisors to clients, we believe we sit at the forefront of the industry in delivering these capabilities, and we’re proud to share the news. 

To learn more, please check out our firm-wide announcement here as well as the Seeds presentation deck here. You’ll hear more from us on this and other offerings soon. In the meantime, please reach out to us if you are interested in learning more.

All the best,

The Conway Wealth Team

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